Welcome to DerekDaisey.com

Bring your EVENT or PARTY to the next level with some of the GREATEST POP/ROCK SONGS from the 50's to TODAY! WEDDINGS, HOUSE PARTIES, CORPORATE EVENTS, AND MORE! 

HUNDREDS OF SHOWS: I've played well over 800 shows ranging from weddings, graduation parties, birthday parties, restaurants, and bars. I even had a 6 month contract on CARNIVAL CRUISE LINES. During my time on the Cruise ship, I became one of the most viewed acts, receiving countless positive reviews and I was constantly referred to as a “highlight” of their cruise. (I was supposed to fly off the ship before the Hawaii trip... and the Cruise Director loved my show so much, he elected to keep me for the rest of my contract.) 

ENTERTAINMENT AND PASSION: Whenever I step on stage to perform, I always internalize and make each song my own without sacrificing what made the song famous in the first place! I interact with the crowd (when permissible) and I treat each performance like it will be my last. I create my set lists based on the SUGGESTIONS and the CONVERSATIONS I have with YOU to ensure that the vision is reached at the highest level! If you have a song you would like performed, I will see to it that it is added! Never be afraid to ask! 

PROFESSIONAL AND FUN: I am ALWAYS an hour early to every performance (Unless of course I'm needed earlier), I will dress for the occasion (Suit, casual, etc.) and I will be in constant contact with you throughout the planning of your performance. You'll never be wondering “if I'm coming” because we will touch base SEVERAL times before your big day! I'm an easy going guy, and I like to have fun. I'm not a drinker, so you will get the utmost professionalism that there is in the business! My focus is solely on making the best music I can for the best people! 

EXTENSIVE SET: In order to keep up with the newest songs on the radio, I keep hundreds of songs on my iPad mini, which allows me to add new songs on short notice to perform at your event. I add songs weekly to my sets, and again I can always learn a song for you! Check out my SONG LIST on my profile page! 

GREAT SOUND: I play Taylor Guitars that have the greatest amplified sound of any guitar on the market with their Expression System. I play through the BOSE L1 Compact, which has unmatched sound for the size. It can cover 150+ people without uncomfortable volume levels that the typical Sound System produces. Because of it's ease to set up, if I'm needed in two locations in a short amount of time, I can accomodate. All I require is access to a power source, and we'll be up running in no time. I PLAY THE BEST to SOUND THE BEST FOR THE BEST! 

AWARD WINNING SONGWRITER: Not only do I perform some of the greatest hits of our time, but I also WRITE SONGS of all types for all types of occasions. I released my debut album “ALL BEHIND ME” on iTunes, and several of the songs have been played and placed on multiple shows ranging from channels such as NBC, NICKELODEON, ANIMAL PLANET, FASHION TELEVISION, and many TV COMMERCIALS. I also won the 2007 JOHN LENNON SONGWRITING CONTEST with my song “Where to Begin.” As an extra service, I can WRITE A SPECIAL SONG for you, record a full band version of it, and perform it acoustically at your event! There's no better way to give a memorable moment than a personalized song! 

TESTED AND PROVEN: I have played through many situations and and I know how to change pace at the last moment. I am constantly contacted by folks I have met in my past to play their events, weddings, etc. because they know I will do the BEST job. 


I've been playing guitar and singing professionally for 10 years. I graduated from Catawba College with a degree in MUSIC BUSINESS. There I performed with many bands, and learned what it meant to be a road tested musician. After college, I spent 6 months traveling from Vancouver, B.C to Alaska, to Hawaii, to San Diego to the Mexican Rivera playing for countless crowds day in and night out! I received Employee of the Month award my second month on the ship, due to my professionalism, and willingness to step in and play at a second's notice when passengers required it. It wasn't uncommon for me to play 5 straight hours when I got the party going! 

I have written literally hundreds of songs for many situations, from Soldiers to their Wives back home, to School Ceremony Songs, to small jingles. So if you think you could benefit from a unique song, reach out!