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  • Radio and TV Commercials

  • Digital Ads

  • Video Games

  • Animation

  • Apps

  • Video Narration

  • Phone and IVR Greetings

  • PSAs

  • Promos and Trailers

  • Podcast Intros and Outros

  • Explainer Videos

  • Corporate Narrations

  • E-Learning Modules


About Me

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My background in teaching, music production, performance, and hosting a podcast led to a wonderful career in voice over! 

Customer service has always been a part of every job I've ever held, and that has played a big part in my philosophy as a voice over talent when working with clients.

I love to collaborate to bring a voice that will suit your project and make it the absolute best it can be. I can provide the Guy Next Door voice, or the "Regular Guy", I can be loud and animated, quiet and subtle, serious or angry, friendly and professional, and so much more! With all the emotions I convey, I can also provide many different voices to suit different character needs whether it's for e-learning modules, audio plays. radio skits, cartoons or video games.

When you work with me, I always love to read the script and get your thoughts on how you'd like it performed. There's no ego with me. If I have suggestions, of course, I'll share them, but I will perform any voice over just as you'd like me to.

My home studio is set up to help the process be efficient. I can turn over most moderate-sized projects in 24 hours. I record on an Apollo Twin X with a Neumann TLM-103, Townsend Labs Sphere L22 or Sennheiser MKH416 microphones (some folks have a preference) and deliver clean, pristine audio! I have many plugins so if you want a dry or processed file, I can provide both!

I have a very open revision policy. I like to work on the project until we get it right! 

So with that, reach out to me! I'd love to work on your project and hopefully many, many more!

✉ Email: derek@derekdaisey.com
🌐 Website: http://derekdaisey.com
💻 Twitter: @derekdaisey


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